[FANACC] Baekhyun + Sudden Attack

A fan asked Chanyeol at yesterday’s (100422) Mokdong fansign whether or not he’s good at playing (computer) games, and whether or not he’s played Sudden Attack before. Chanyeol replied with of course he’s played it before,
and as the fan was leaving, he mentioned that Baekhyun is good at Sudden Attack. When the fan got to Baekhyun
Fan:” I heard you’re good at Sudden Attack?”

Baekhyun: “Yesss?” (-bunch of laughing emoticons here-)

Fan: “I’m a ??” * (lieutenant general) ha

Baekhyun: “ah really?”

Fan: “Yes”

Baekhyun: “I’m a ???” (colonel)** ……
*?? is a high level character/role in Sudden Attack

**?? is still a high level character, but lower than a ??

LOL Bacooonkuuuh~ kocaak dehhh ahhh

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