Actress Lee Da Hae selects B2ST’s Doojoon over INFINITE

Actress Lee Da Hae has revealed her affection for B2ST‘s Doojoon during an interview with KBS‘s ‘Entertainment Relay‘.

On the November 17th broadcast, the reporter asked the actress, “In a previous interview, you said you liked INFINITE. B2ST’s Doojoon can be considered as a rival [to INFINITE], so what do you think about him?” To this, Lee Da Hae drew much laughter by responding, “I like Yoon Doojoon more. I have forgotten about INFINITE.”

Lee Da Hae had revealed in a previous interview with ‘Entertainment Relay’ stating that she was a fan of INFINITE, but it seems as though she has moved on from the group.

Doojoon will be acting alongside Lee Da Hae in the highly anticipated KBS drama ‘IRIS 2‘. He has taken the role of NSS elite agent ‘Seo Hyun Woo’, a character who will have a heart wrenching love triangle with the main characters Jang Hyuk and Lee Da Hae.

‘IRIS 2′ is set to air some time in February 2013.

Doojoon is very charismatic. but how could she forget uri Infinite?

cc : @allkpop


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