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[PIC] Kibum’s reaction when he saw ELF’s banner at presscon


omg !!! his expression T.T


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[PHOTOS] MYUNGSOO from the new K.WILL MV set !!

K.will’s third album Part 2 “Love Blossom” is going to be released on the 4th of April, and guess who?!
It’s Infinite’s L from the new MV set!
Are you excited?

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Happy Birthday H♥yaanim @hoya1991 #해피호애기데이



Populer Nam : HOYA
Position : Vocal,Rap & Dance
Real Name : Lee Ho Won (이호원)
Birthdate : 03/26/91
Height : 175cm
Blood Type : AB
Hobbies : Playing games.
Talents : Dance, rap.

Happy Birthday Hobaby ♥ ~

I love the way you laugh ahahahaha ~

Keep your smile!! that’s enough for me ♥

All the best for you.. Hoya Fighting !!

I Say Ho You Say Yaa


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[VIDEO] HD 130324 INFINITE – Still I Miss You + Man In Love @ Inkigayo


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[VIDEO] Fancam Super Show 5 Seoul Day 1 ㅡ BTS VCR


LOL they’re so funny !!! I wanna see them ASAP T.T !!!


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[HD] [VIDEO] 130323 INFINITE – Still I Miss You + Man In Love @ Music Core



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[HD] [VIDEO] [FULL] 130319 KBS Music Bank in Jakarta Broadcast (1hr. 51min.)



[Download Link] 130317 Infinite Arena Concert in Yoyogi





[ENG SUB] 130321 MNET Wide INFINITE – MAN IN LOVE ( Shooting Scene Ver.)

Watch Here: INFINITE


cc : @INFINITE7SOUL , kshowloveholic02

[HD] [VID] 130321 MCD! (Welcome To Our Dream + Still I Miss You + Man In Love):


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