went to Jakarta at 7 am …~

up there, around 10 o’clock queues at ticket exchange

very hot and tired. but to meet our idol, we keep the spirit !

and tried to take pictures. for relieving fatigue.
finally we got through ticketing and body checking ~ and be able to enter the venue
we have to queue again for long hours. because we were only able to enter the stadium at 6 pm
we finally get into the stadium and take pictures before the concert started ~
the concert will begin at 8 pm. and before the concert started they play some music video
yeah. it’s started.
finally they turn off the lights in the stadium. and the audience turn on their lighstick ~
get snap of andhika pratama kekeke~
Indonesian traditional Dance as the opening concert
yeahhh and highly anticipated wait … artists showed up to greet the fans ~
Super Junior Kyuhyun, 2PM Taecyeon, Nadia Mulya, and (tha women who i forgot her names : sorry) as the MC
first performance from Teen Top with Miss Right ~
technical errors. and make Teen Top should perform 2 times
sorry I can not tell you everything.
but if you want to see the photo I took.
click here !!
i have fancam of them ~ but too lazy for upload with bad connection .. so sorry ~
that day became a very exciting day. because I get to meet my idol ~
especially. INFINITE that I’ve been eager to see them perform directly …
13.03.09 SO FAR THE BEST EVER MOMENT at 2013 :”)

PHOTOS BY : @yalialia

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