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[VIDEO] BEAST – ‘Shadow (그림자)’ (Official Music Video)


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[VIDEO] BEAST – ‘SHADOW (그림자)’ (Teaser)



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[TRANS] MBLAQ Mir mentioned the 91-Liners including Woohyun in “Sexy Beat” Album Thanks To



To my friends who are living this difficult celebrity lifestyle- the person that gave me a lot of strength Bora, Nicole, LE, Jinwoon, Kibum, Minho, Jae Jin, Jeong Shin, Dong Woon, , Woo Hyun,“Bbang Ggoo Ddoong Ggoo,” Min Young, Doo Joon, Hyung Sik, Jun.K hyoung, destiny Nam JiHyun noona. Because of all of you I really enjoyed the broadcasts!!


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[HD] [VIDEO] [FULL] 130319 KBS Music Bank in Jakarta Broadcast (1hr. 51min.)



[NEWS] Junhyung’s latest update refuels breakup rumors with KARA’s Hara

Though DSP and Cube have already denied breakup rumors, Junhyung‘s latest selca update on Twitter has refueled talk.

On March 15th, the B2ST member posted, “Laugh, man,” as well as the photo above to the same SNS that started speculation that he and KARA‘s Hara may have broken up. When fans noticed that the idol couple un-followed each other on Twitter, many assumed that the two were on the rocks or possibly separated.

Netizens are commenting that Junhyung’s photo and message hint that not all is okay with the idol. It’s hard to tell whether he’s laughing or trying to laugh in the black-and-white selca, but many are saying it’s most likely the latter.

Fans responded, “Smile brightly,” “I don’t know if you’re laughing or crying,” and “Is something wrong?”

Why do you think Hara and Junhyung un-followed each other on Twitter? Does this new update make you wonder about the couple’s relationship status?


Are you really break up? oh NO!!! JunHara NOT BE BROKE pleasee !!!!!! ><


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went to Jakarta at 7 am …~

up there, around 10 o’clock queues at ticket exchange

very hot and tired. but to meet our idol, we keep the spirit !

and tried to take pictures. for relieving fatigue.
finally we got through ticketing and body checking ~ and be able to enter the venue
we have to queue again for long hours. because we were only able to enter the stadium at 6 pm
we finally get into the stadium and take pictures before the concert started ~
the concert will begin at 8 pm. and before the concert started they play some music video
yeah. it’s started.
finally they turn off the lights in the stadium. and the audience turn on their lighstick ~
get snap of andhika pratama kekeke~
Indonesian traditional Dance as the opening concert
yeahhh and highly anticipated wait … artists showed up to greet the fans ~
Super Junior Kyuhyun, 2PM Taecyeon, Nadia Mulya, and (tha women who i forgot her names : sorry) as the MC
first performance from Teen Top with Miss Right ~
technical errors. and make Teen Top should perform 2 times
sorry I can not tell you everything.
but if you want to see the photo I took.
click here !!
i have fancam of them ~ but too lazy for upload with bad connection .. so sorry ~
that day became a very exciting day. because I get to meet my idol ~
especially. INFINITE that I’ve been eager to see them perform directly …
13.03.09 SO FAR THE BEST EVER MOMENT at 2013 :”)

PHOTOS BY : @yalialia

OUT !!! Yoseop Yang (양요섭) – 그래도 나는 (Although I) (Official Music Video)



It is a great idea that every Valentine’s Day .. BEAST has their own special MV
MV special Valentine’s Day  kkk~

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[UPDATE LIST] Winners from the “27th Golden Disk Awards in Kuala Lumpur” DAY 1 & 2

DAY 1 – Disk Awards Disk Daesang – Super Junior’s “Sexy, Free & Single Disk Bonsang
FT Island
Super Junior

Rookie Award – EXO-K and Juniel
Best Dance Performance Award – Trouble Maker
Best Group Performance Award – INFINITE
Next Generation Star Award – BTOB
MSN Southeast Asia Award – Super Junior
Malaysia’s Most Favorite Star Award – CNBLUE  and KARA
jTBC Best Artist Award – B2ST
Popularity Award – SHINee
Golden Disk Producer Award – Han Sung Ho (FNC Entertainment)


DAY 2 – Digital Awards

Song of The Year (Digital Daesang) – Psy “Gangnam Style”

Digital Bonsang (Song Division)
Miss A
Huh Gak
Big Bang

Rookie / Newcomer / Rising Star Award – BAP, Ailee and Lee Hi
MSN International Award – Big Bang
Samsung Galaxy Star Award – Sistar
CeCi Popularity Award – G-Dragon
InStyle Fashionista Award – Hongki
Best Hip Hop Award – Epik High
Single Album Award – Teen Top

SJ 3 Award, SHINee 2 award, EXO 1 Award . yeaayy SM FAMILY  JJANG !!
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[PHOTOS] B2ST Yoon Doojun for IRIS II




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Yoseop Yang (양요섭) – Caffeine (카페인) (Official Music Video)



00.21 *Fainted*

andd wooww urii Joker so cool !!!

aigooo Yang Yeoseob Neomuuu Joaheeee ♥ ♥ ♥


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