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Happy Birthday Bacoooon kuuuuh ~ ♥ #HappyBaekhyunDay

yeeaahhh hari ini tanggal 06 mei waktu korea . merupakan hari ulang tahun EXO-K Baekhyun . hahah bias baru gue yang langsung mencuri perhatiann wkwk. tampang, suaraa, style aahh semuanyaa tuhh keren banget!!

mari kita bahas sekilas tentang Baekhyun

Ninth member revealed [12.01.30]

Stage Name : Baek Hyun (백현)

Birth Name: Byun Baek Hyun (백현)

Date Of Birth: May 6, 1992

Tinggi : 174 cm

Keahlian/Hobby : Aikido (Seni Beladiri Jepang), Bermain Piano.

Direkrut S.M. via : 2011 S.M. Casting System

Position: Lead Vocalist

Happy Birthday uri Bacooooooonnn ♥  !!!

 We hope you have a great day ahead, and can spend your birthday with all your loved ones ♥

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Baekhyun’s tragic SNSD cameo.


Baekhyun’s tragic SNSD cameo.

SM: Okay Chanyeol, you’re going to be the star cameo. You’re a photographer trying to get good shots of the girls. Sehun and Kai, you’re going to get a cute dance segment where you look adorable as fuck and high five each other in the end.
Baekhyun: Super excited! What do I get to do?
SM: You get to sit in front of a vanity mirror for 2 seconds.
Baekhyun: …
SM: …
Baekhyun: …
SM: At least you’re sitting next to the girls?
Baekhyun: Fuck you SM.

**LOL, baekhyun the fanboy ♥

What you’re really a SONE ???

Cr: adorableprince | tumblr

[FANACC] Baekhyun + Sudden Attack

A fan asked Chanyeol at yesterday’s (100422) Mokdong fansign whether or not he’s good at playing (computer) games, and whether or not he’s played Sudden Attack before. Chanyeol replied with of course he’s played it before,
and as the fan was leaving, he mentioned that Baekhyun is good at Sudden Attack. When the fan got to Baekhyun
Fan:” I heard you’re good at Sudden Attack?”

Baekhyun: “Yesss?” (-bunch of laughing emoticons here-)

Fan: “I’m a ??” * (lieutenant general) ha

Baekhyun: “ah really?”

Fan: “Yes”

Baekhyun: “I’m a ???” (colonel)** ……
*?? is a high level character/role in Sudden Attack

**?? is still a high level character, but lower than a ??

LOL Bacooonkuuuh~ kocaak dehhh ahhh