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[MV] G.NA – Oops! (feat. BTOB Ilhoon)



cc : @YT gnaofficial

[PHOTOS] BTOB Jung Ilhoon new hair style


OMG ilhoon-ah~~ you’re so cool boy !!


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“CUTE PLAYER” with Ilhoonie~

Lets Play !

sorry i didn’t find 5th pic :((

but, that cute too much .. his aegyo already killing me !!!

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[ENG SUB] 121226 MBC Weekly Idol with Ilhoon, Sohyun & Sunggyu (FULL)


MUST WATCH !!! kyuzizi ilhoonie …. I LOVE BOTH  ♥♥♥


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[PHOTOS+VIDEO] Special Guest for Weekly Idol wednesday 12/12/26

주간아이돌 75회 예고편 (High).flv_000007733

woooww uri Ilhoonie ..

please show us your Kyeomi Player kekeke~

주간아이돌 75회 예고편 (High).flv_000012100

and …..

urii KYUZIZI woooooow!

kriik kriikk~


주간아이돌 75회 예고편 (High).flv_000013367


주간아이돌 75회 예고편 (High).flv_000014567

yeeaahhh they’re one of my favorite member!!!

주간아이돌 75회 예고편 (High).flv_000017467

Mental Breakdown Kyuzizi

주간아이돌 75회 예고편 (High).flv_000020100

ilhooniee what are you doing ???

주간아이돌 75회 예고편 (High).flv_000023900


arrggghh i want to be defcon and hyungdon hyung who kissed uri kyuzizi >,<

주간아이돌 75회 예고편 (High).flv_000025867

uri KYUZIZI Mental BreakDown again !!!

주간아이돌 75회 예고편 (High).flv_000027067


i think i can be better than Hyungdon and Defcon hyung kkkkk~


watch this video preview !!


cc : @YT DarakTV