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OUT!!! SHINee 샤이니_DREAM GIRL_Music Video & Dance Ver.








OUT!!! SHINee 샤이니_DREAM GIRL_Music Video Teaser


OMG!!! Can’t wait for it to be out. COOL!!!



OUT!!! [OFFICIAL] SHINee 샤이니_The 3rd Album ‘DREAM GIRL’_Highlight Medley



Ohh Yeaahh SHINee’s BACK !!!




[INFO] SHINee’s New Album “Dream Girl”

Album ketiga SHINee dijadwalkan akan dirilis secara fisik pada tanggal 20 Februari (dan digital pada tanggal 18 Februari).
Lagu ini diproduseri oleh Shin Hyuk, co-produser dari One Less Loney Girl Justin Bieber, wow!
Dalam ‘Dream Girl’ setiap member berpartisipasi, Onew dan Jonghyun menulis lirik, Minho dan Key membuat bagian rap dan Taemin membuat koreografi dance.

Album ‘Dream Girl’ dibagi menjadi 2 bagian: Chapter 1 (full album) dan Chapter 2 (repackage album). Album Dream Girl chapter pertama akan dirilis pada 20 Februari sementara chapter kedua (repackage album) akan dirilis pada bulan April.

Chapter 1: Dream Girl – The Misconception of You
Chapter 2: Dream Girl – The Misconception of Me

Track List:
Punch-drunk Love
Talking Aside (방백)
Beautiful (아름다워)
It’s You
Dream Girl, dan satu lagi

Lagu berjudul Spoiler akan mengungkap judul lagu lainnya, lirik lagu ini diciptakan oleh Jonghyun. Judul lagu di Spoiler termasuk Dream Girl, Hitchhiking, Punch-drunk Love, Talking Aside, Beautiful, Girls Girls Girls, dan Runaway.

Woowww Excited ???

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[TEASER PHOTO] SHINee’s Jonghyun – Dream Girl



SHINee will release the 3rd regular album titled “Dream Girl” on Feb 19th, 2013! OMG Cool guy!! yeah Jonghyun really cool here !!


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[PHOTOS] SHINee’s Jonghyun New Hair Style



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[ENG SUB] 130117 CNBLUE Twitter Update – Jonghyun’s prank on SHINee’s Jonghyun



LOL they’re really funny .. I Love Both ~


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Myungsoo will be the next Guest Star For Running Man eps 130

Wohooooooo…  really cant wait !!!


SHINee’s Minho, F(x) Sulli, CNBLUE’s Yonghwa & Jonghyun, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon & ZE:A Kwanghee, also be the nest guest star for Running Man “Acting-dol” .

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121116 KBS World Date Preview with Jonghyun and Key


are you  jealous ?


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Meet SHinee Jonghyun’s noona (Sodam) and Mother ^^

they look similar!!! and his sister really pretty. wait! who’s the man in the end the video?

and see video below. Jonghyun said that his sister was the most beautiful .


Q : Which noona do you want to say “Noona is so pretty” to ?

Dj : Next jonghyun .

Jjong : ahh.. for me,, So-Dam Noona

Dj : So-Dam Noona ?

Jjong : Yes, She’s my real sister… kekeke. MY SISTER IS PRETTY!! So-DAM NOONA is PRETTY!!! Nooooonaaaa!!~ are you Watching ?

Key : I’he seen your sister..

Jjong : So what, my sister is pretty

DJ : Jonghyun is really Cute

Jjong : My sister is completely pretty , my noona is ggoing to get married really well


waahh he really liked his sister, and sometimes jealous of hir sister’s boyfriend ! aigooo uri dinoo so cute >,<

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