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[FANACCOUNT] 130207 Sehun Graduation


a classmate sitting next to sehun yesterday said he called his hyungs after calling his parents. Sehun said cutely to his hyung over the phone “I’ve graduated!” and then said something else. Sehun on the phone:”Then I want to eat pork & fried rice cake! Hyung, wait with Yixing-hyung for me to come home, I’ll show you my diploma!”

credits for what sehun was talking over the phone to //kris// goes to sehun’s classmate sitting next to him yesterday lol

thehun-aahh you are so cute .. I wanna eat together with you, and Kriss of course ><

cc :  EXO-PLANET直播室 trans by dowajwoyo 🙂

[MUST WATCH] FANCAM Kai, Luhan, Sehun during Hawak Kamay

LOL  ship Kailuhun ~


cc : Planet_EXO

[MUST WATCH] Sunny, SooYoung, YoonA ft. EXO – Marry You

Sunny, SooYoung, YoonA ft. EXO - Marry You (Jan 1, 2013) - YouTube.FLV_000050217





cc : @YT monmonsnowSeason6


[Teaser] SNSD Sub-Unit Taetiseo Rilis Teaser SNSD Tiffany feat. EXO-K Kai & Sehun . & Teaser Seohyun


let see …


aduuhhh itu cowooo duaa kece bangett hahahaha



cantiik banget deh asli …!!!

konsep nya manteeep glamouurrr glamouurr gituu yaahh ??? o,O


cr : Youtube.com/SMTOWN

Happy Birthday uri Maknae EXO-K SEHUN #SEHUNturns19 ♥

lets sing :

saengil chukahamnida,, saengil chukahamnida,, saranghaneun uri sehunniie~ saengil chukahamnidaaaaa … ♥

Happy Birthday uri maknae SEHUN We hope you have a great day ahead, and can spend your birthday with all your loved ones ♥

SMTOWN Merilis Teaser EXO ke -13 SE HUN

lets see ,,,